SHGINS Insurance Solutions


We currently offer coverage for a full range of CGL including products liability, competitively priced.  Our capabilities include coverage on both occurrence and or claims made, with limits up to 5/5/5/5, depending on form and coverage needed.  We can provide insurance in all fifty states and internationally, with true foreign cover. 

SHGINS specializes in: 

  • Medical products, (hardware and software) including implantable devices
  • Nutriceuticals / Herbal products / OTC and Cosmetics
  • Food products and processing
  • Products withdrawal (including third party)
  •        CBD Products
  • Professional Liability (manufacturer’s liability,  cyber liability or any PL)

We have the ability to address:

  • Machinery (light/heavy) mobile or stationary
  • Valves / Pumps
  • Auto / vehicle parts and products
  • Machine Shops
  • Rail Road Equipment
  • Tanks and metal goods
  • Wood products including furniture
  • Chemicals

In addition we have success in:

  • Any unusual exposure or risk from mining to special events
  • Adult assisted living facilities/nursing homes
  •  Sporting goods and equipment
  • Weapons (guns) and ammunition
  • Computer protection either limited or very broad coverage
  • Unique group coverage
  • Clinical trials

We also have capability in Property, Inland Marine, Ocean Marine, and cargo covers.   


Bill Ambler – e-mail:  (805) 686-1148

Deborah Palmer – e-mail:  (805) 686-1148